SHADOW / Bike Check / Trey Jones

SHADOW / Bike Check / Trey Jones

Trey Jones built up an all new bike and its ready for battle.

Get the full rundown on this Cult frame built up with all the lastest Shadow parts

FRAME: Cult Trey Jones Signature Frame Sample

FORK: Shadow Vultus ADJ Forks

BARS: Shadow Vultus Featherweight Bars 10″

GRIPS: Subrosa Griffin Grips

STEM:  Shadow Finest Stem Sample

SEAT:  Trey Jones Signature Penumbra Seat Sample

TIRES Rant Squad Tires

FRONT WHEEL:  Shadow Definitive Front Hub / Shadow Truss Rim

REAR WHEEL:  Shadow Definitive Cassette Rear Hub / Shadow Truss Rim

CRANKS:  Shadow Finest Cranks

CHAINShadow Supreme Chain

PEDALS:  Shadow Metal Pedals Sealed

SPROCKET:  Subrosa Hero Sprocket

HEADSET:  Shadow Stacked Headset

BOTTOM BRACKETShadow Stacked Mid BottomBracket

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