SUBROSA / Bike Check / Ryan Sher

SUBROSA / Bike Check / Ryan Sher

I built up a new Subrosa Flight Frame and wanted to share it with you! Check it out!

Being the Subrosa Brand Manager/TM has many perks, but my favorite is new bike time.

I recently build up a Rim Nakamura signature Subrosa Flight frame and wrapped it with some of the best parts in the building.

FRAME: Subrosa Flight Frame 20.5
FORK: Subrosa Simo
BARS:Subrosa Ray Bars 9.25
BRAKE LEVER:Shadow Sano Medium
BRAKE CABLE: Shadow Linear
HEADSET: Shadow Stacked
FRONT HUB: Shadow Definitive
FRONT RIM: Shadow Truss
SPOKES: Shadow Featherweight
FRONT TIRE: Subrosa Designer Folding
CRANKS: Subrosa Rose 175mm
SPROCKET: Subrosa Hero 25t
CHAIN: Shadow Supreme
PEDALS: Shadow Metal
SEAT: Subrosa Rose
SEAT POST: Cult Laid Back
BRAKES: Shadow Sano V2
REAR HUB: Shadow Definitive
REAR RIM: Shadow Truss
SPOKES: Shadow Featherweight
REAR TIRE: Subrosa Designer Folding
EXTRAS: Subrosa X Slayer Headtube Badge, Shadow Slim Front Axle Bolts, Carbon Headset Cap, Sparkly Unicorn sticker for my wife Amelia.

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