SUBROSA / Video / Simone Barraco - Kisses

SUBROSA / Video / Simone Barraco - Kisses



Enjoy the raw sounds of Simone Barraco riding street in his latest video "KISSE$". A little ASMR for our metal peg fans around the globe.

"Filming for kisses was a lot of fun... planned few last minute low budget trips to get me out of Barcelona with some homies, bikes and a camera and just either met with locals or just went on our own exploring the city and have a good time... no pressure or rush about anything just riding and filming what we felt good about... I mostly enjoy kissing spots nowadays so here it is a little collection of KISSES combos from this first part of my year! biggest thanks to all my homies involved and all the locals we met for helping me make it happen and for making it such a fun easy process!"

"LOVE U" - simo 💋

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